Lincoln Christian Fellowship

Cancel this morning

Hey church family,

We're going to cancel our morning service today (1/12/20) due to the weather. But you're not off that easy. Spend a few minutes this morning with Him. Open your own bible and allow Him to search your heart and direct your steps today. Would you read Revelation Chapter 10 for next week? And when you do, I've got a few questions for you to consider...

#1 - How does this mighty angel resemble Jesus? Do I look like Him too? (10:1-3)

#2 - Why does God tell John something and then tell him not to tell us? Does that mean that there are things about God that we can't understand; things that we can't know...yet? (10:4)

#3 - Why does it seem like God is taking so long to come back and fix this broken world? What should be happening within our hearts while we wait for His promise of "no more delay", when "the mystery of God will be finished"? (10:6-7)

#4 - Why is the message (the "little book") that God gives to John both sweet and bitter? What is God telling us personally to ingest and digest? (10:8-11)

#5 - What does this all mean for our lives right now?

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We are located in South Lincoln, two lots past Lloyd's store on the same side of the road, in a big tan building.

689 West Broadway
Lincoln, ME 04457

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