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  • Prayer Meeting

    Hey church family,

    I never thought I'd say this, but we're going to try and have a virtual meeting to pray and share needs and encouragement this Tuesday at 8:30 PM. We're going to use the "Zoom Cloud Meetings" app (downloadable from AppStore or Google Play Store).

    It's free and quite easy to use...all you need is a smartphone or tablet.

    1. Download the App (Zoom Cloud Meeting) and sign up with an email account and password.
    2. Click on the App. Log in using your email and password. Click "Join". It's going to ask you for a meeting ID - use "368 958 7182". Think of that as my telephone number.
    3. Click "Join using internet audio".
    4. Once you join, Zoom automatically shows the video of just the person we'll have to take turns as we talk and pray, just like in real life. You will be able to easily mute your audio when you're not talking, turn your camera off so you can only be heard, and leave the meeting if something comes up.

    Bob Leighton has offered to help anyone with technical problems. You can reach him at 207-723-1522. It takes about 10 minutes to download the App and get things set up - this can be done well ahead of time.

    Hope to see you Friday! If you have questions, please let me know at 207-794-4679. Thanks!

    - Sam

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  • Sunday Church Service

    Hey church family,

    Just a couple of updates...

    1. We will be livestreaming our Sunday morning teaching tomorrow at 6 AM - join us then or anytime thereafter.

    2. We will also be posting all of our teachings' audio to for any of you that don't use Facebook.

    3. Last - and we especially need your help with this - we want to make audio CD's with our weekly teachings on them available to anyone who doesn't have or use the internet. If you would, could you take a few minutes and send us the names of people you know that attend LCF or others in the community who would be blessed by this option? Those who don't use the internet aren't going to see this post, so we're counting on you to reach out to them and find out if they want to receive CD's by mail over the next few weeks. You can text their names and addresses to the church at 207-794-4679. Thanks!

    - Sam

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  • Children's Ministry

    There are continual needs & opportunities for servants in our classrooms. Please see Al or Erica Whitney for more info on classroom help. See Bob or Karen Genest for volunteering with our special needs children

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  • Prayer Needs

    If you need prayer for something going on in your life right now, please come talk to me (Glenn) or my wife Robyn. We have many here that would love to pray for you!

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  • Fellowship Lunch

    March 29th, right after church, pack your own lunch and stay for some fellowship. Hope you can make it!

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  • Men's Conference

    Annual Men's conference at CC Bangor will be held on Saturday, March 21st. Guest speaker will be Malcolm Wild from Calvary Chapel Merritt Island. Doors will open at 8:30am and the day will conclude at 3:00pm. Lunch will be tailgate style.

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  • Men's Study/Prayer

    Thursday, March 19th - 7:30pm-9:00pm.
    Held right at LCF following the midweek service. Please read ahead - Ephesians 1 + 2.

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  • Women's Prayer Coffee

    Saturday, March 14th - 10:00am.
    Julie Thibodeau's home, 69 Transalpine Road, Lincoln. Muffins, breads, coffee, tea, etc. Bring something to share if you are able.

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  • Cleaning Help

    Sam is looking for some help disinfecting hard surfaces, light switches, doors handles, etc. at the church over the next few weeks on Thursday nights at 5:15 PM just before our midweek service. Jess is also looking for help doing the same on the next few Sunday's after service at 12:15 with a bit more emphasis on disinfecting the classrooms and kid's toys. Both jobs should only take about 15 minutes with just a few people helping.

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  • Thursday Evening Service Cancellation

    Hey church family,

    We're going to cancel our evening service today (2/6/20) due to the weather. Stay safe, see you next week.

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  • Church is ON

    Hey church family,

    We're still going to have service tomorrow morning at 10 AM. Drive safe!

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  • Cancel this morning

    Hey church family,

    We're going to cancel our morning service today (1/12/20) due to the weather. But you're not off that easy. Spend a few minutes this morning with Him. Open your own bible and allow Him to search your heart and direct your steps today. Would you read Revelation Chapter 10 for next week? And when you do, I've got a few questions for you to consider...

    #1 - How does this mighty angel resemble Jesus? Do I look like Him too? (10:1-3)

    #2 - Why does God tell John something and then tell him not to tell us? Does that mean that there are things about God that we can't understand; things that we can't know...yet? (10:4)

    #3 - Why does it seem like God is taking so long to come back and fix this broken world? What should be happening within our hearts while we wait for His promise of "no more delay", when "the mystery of God will be finished"? (10:6-7)

    #4 - Why is the message (the "little book") that God gives to John both sweet and bitter? What is God telling us personally to ingest and digest? (10:8-11)

    #5 - What does this all mean for our lives right now?

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  • Men's Fellowship

    Monday December 16th - 7:45pm-9:00pm at Evans' House, 18 Frost Street. Prayer, fellowship, and encouragement from God's Word.

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  • Ladies Christmas Advent Coffee

    Saturday, December 7th -10:00am at the church. Please bring your favorite muffins to share. Coffee, tea and hot chocolate provided. If there is a barrier to you being able to attend please see Karen Genest.

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  • Women's Harvest Brunch

    Saturday, October 19th at 10:00am at LCF. Menu includes quiche, scones, homefries, fruit, and beverages.
    Gluten free options will be provided. Please sign up so we can estimate numbers. Contact Karen Genest with questions.

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